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Rob Bloomfield.

On the 2nd of August, 2011, I met one of my heros. Rob Bloomfield. He’s the drummer in one of my favourites bands, Does It Offend You, Yeah? The night started when me and my friend Zoe, arrived at the venue, 4 1/2 hours early. We waited, and waited, listened to the supporting acts’ soundcheck, waited some more, then got in. We brought a shirt from the merch stand, and then we sat down and waited for the supporting act. They played for around 3/4 of an hour, then there were some djs going to play. They started setting up. By now me and Zoe had moved to a couple of meters in front of the stage. Then Rob came on to start setting up the drums. I immediately grabbed Zoe’s arm and said “Oh my fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” she wasn’t a huge fan of DIOYY so she didn’t know why I was freaking out. Then I manage to trembly say “That’s Rob.” He was taller than I expected. He took about 10 minutes to set up the drums, then the djs played for around an hour. They were alright, some odd choices of beats and songs together, but some parts were good. Then as soon as they finished, the whole crowd gathered round the front of the stage as DIOYY started to set everything up. I was right at the front. The stage wasn’t too tall, which was good. I was around 3 meters away from Rob at the drums, around 2 meters away from Chloe, the bass player, and around a meter away from James, the singer, although he moved around a lot, and at one point, he came within arm reach of me. When they started playing, it was amazing. The mosh was insane. It was full of drunk 18+ year olds, need I say more? The whole time they played, was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Everything that was on my mind, completely left and all I could think about was pelting my heart out to the lyrics, and that’s exactly what I did. Jumping and screaming, singing, shouting for and hour and a half. Then, at one point in the song that was playing, the drums stopped, and Rob looked at me. My stomach flipped, I shit myself, all that was going through my mind was “Is he looking at me?!” I think he could see I was freaking out, and he gave a comforting smile and raised his eyebrows. Then all I could think about was “Shit he’s looking at me, omg fuck shit fuck.” I managed to give a shocked smile back. So awkward. Then the jumping, screaming, singing and shouting continued. After the gig, James said they’d be near the merch stand to meet some fans. Me and Zoe then quickly grabbed a drink and then went over to meet them. When I saw Rob, I froze. Zoe was insisting I go and say something, but I couldn’t. We walked over, I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Shit. I must have looked like a right wanker. I was so shocked it was actually him. Then, out of no where, he said “Are you Chloe?” in his adoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaable British accent. I think I deserve some sort of award for not screaming, crying or fainting at this point. He had tweeted me a few times before and knew I’d be at this gig, but I didn’t think he’d remember me. I didn’t think he’d remember me at all, but I didn’t even say anything and he remembered me by my face. My jaw dropped. I forced myself to say something, all that came out was “Yes.” I had the biggest grin on my face and I sounded like the world’s biggest dickhead. I couldn’t have sounded more fangirly. Then he pointed to my shirt (which I made myself) and said “Nice.”
He was so sweet. Then Zoe realised I could hardly say anything due to shock, so she said “Could I please get a photo of you two?” and he answered with “Yeah sure.” So we had a photo.

Then I managed to ask him to sign my shirt, he said yes, so I gave him the pen and he signed the back of my shirt. He was taking a while to write it, then he pulled away and I thought he’d finished so I went to turn around but he stopped me and said, “Wait, hold on I’m writing something.” He sat down to continue what he was writing. Then two older girls who were also waiting told me what it said. They said, “It says thankyou for being my twitter fan” And he corrected them saying, “No it says friend, thankyou for being my twitter friend.” He was so sweet.
Then he went off to see someone else. Then Zoe showed me the picture, I couldn’t stop smiling. Then he came back over to us and said something along the lines of “It’s great to meet you. I saw you in the crowd and I knew how excited you were for tonight and I was worried you wouldn’t be able to meet me and I didn’t want to disappoint you.” Okay now I really deserve a reward for not dying at this point. I couldn’t have asked for anything more amazing. Then the next day, the 3rd, I went to school to tell everyone what happened. They all thought it was so sweet. I sat out of p.e with my friend ChiChi because I had bruises all up my legs and I had damaged the muscle in my calve. So anyway, we were sitting on the oval while the rest of the classes ran laps. I went on twitter to see Rob had tweeted me. I had tweeted him earlier that day saying, “Sorry, I forgot to ask you last night, have you enjoyed Australia?x” and he replied saying, “I’m really enjoying it! And it’s people like you that make all the long journeys and early starts totally worth it!” I almost died. I immediately showed ChiChi and as she read it out tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t even help it, I just couldn’t stop the tears. I was so happy.
Then that night, I wrote Rob a twitlonger, thanking him for everything he’s ever done for me. I was on skype to my friends, Bec and Leila, at the time, and then Rob retweeted my tweet to him that was asking him to read my twitlonger, then about 5 minutes after retweeting it, he tweeted saying “Got such a sweet message from a fan that I had a tear in my eye!”

Then I couldn’t hold back the tears. I started balling my eyes out. Bec and Leila were just sitting there, all I could hear from them was “Chloe, Chloe are you alright?” I was full on crying. When I finally stopped the tears, dad came in to say something, but instead ended up asking what was wrong, seeing as I had mascara streaks all down my face. Then I started telling him, but as soon as I started reading out what Rob said, I started crying again. The same thing happened when I told my mum, except the first time I couldn’t finish my sentence, then the second time I told her it happened again. It also happened when I told my mate Ed. Why have I just wrote all this? Because I wanted to share my story. I used to be rarely happy, and the smallest things got me down. I was so weak. I hated myself and I thought everyone else did too. I thought no one gave a shit about me. But after seeing Does It Offend You, Yeah? and meeting Rob, one of my inspirations and heros, that all changed. I experienced happiness I never thought I’d ever feel that night. After everything DIOYY have done for me already, I can easily say they’ve saved my life. Then when Rob proved to me he cared, it changed the way I felt about everything. Ever since then, I’ve been so happy. Nothing anyone’s said to me since then has made me sad at all. Nothing will ever make me sad, because one of my heros, proved to me how much of a hero he really is.